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ISV understands and is experienced in providing high rise buildings with a complete, comprehensive and yet infallible smart integration for maximum operation efficiency. View Crestron High Rise Solutions

  • Building Management
  • Smart Amenities
  • Audio + Video

  • Home Theatre + Video Rooms
  • Boardroom Automation
  • Security


ISV delivers the most advanced technology using specially integrated control systems that manage multiple facets of a conference or showroom’s atmosphere and environment. Control the lighting, audio and displays with the simple touch of a elegantly-designed keypad that can be accessed via any wireless handheld device.

Deliver engaging and interactive presentations while accommodating prospective clients and customers with the support of a complete, advanced system managed by a centralized framework that saves time and performs optimally while exuding an air of notable professionalism and sophistication.

conference rooms


ISV understands and is experienced in providing high rises with detailed, comprehensive and yet infallible smart amenity systems. These systems deliver and provide properties with the necessary networks that allow residents to enjoy the luxury of conveniently-tailored amenities that advance departments such as valet, concierge, security, reception and others.

These smart amenities and facets function optimally and efficiently for residents’ ultimate comfort and satisfaction.

smart amenities


In order for high rises to operate and function efficiently, various smart technological control systems must work together seamlessly to allow for an enjoyable atmosphere that operates optimally. ISV installs extensive networks tailored to high rises and their residents to offer solutions that work cohesively and can be accessed from a single, easy to use and control interface that monitors the complete superstructure.

ISV expertly designs and installs these comprehensive systems to ensure comfort, competence and minimal maintenance. ISV works diligently to ensure high rises are well equipped and uniquely tailored to the building’s needs and residents, and that it delivers optimal efficiency while saving energy.

building management


ISV’s meticulously designed and installed security system is safely integrated into the high rise’s framework while guaranteeing the ultimate in facility and resident safety. The centralized control system can be accessed on or offsite to ensure the property’s security and safety by management personnel.

Skillfully crafted, and yet easy to use interfaces allow for comprehensive and effective security systems that are able to quickly and efficiently react in the case of an emergency. The accompanied monitors, as well as modern audio and video surveillance security systems, allow for productive, powerful and competent frameworks that hold the facility and residents’ safety as utmost priority.

building security